About Cora Keukenmeester

I was born in Creil (Netherlands) 1971 and finished my study fine arts at ArtEz in 1993. Since that time my job is designer and artist.

I started making large paintings. Some of them are bought by Provincie Flevoland, Gemeente Noordoostpolder and Rabobank. Later on I started making illustrations and cartoons. Soon companies and publishers liked my work, so I have specialized in it. Today most of the time I make cartoons and illustrations. I also make paintings wich are rent by companies.

For making cartoons, coloring pages and greeting cards I use pen. I scan the pen drawing on the computer and work on it with Adobe Illustrator. For making illustrations I use water color or pastel and pencil. These materials have soft colors and offer the possibility to work very detailed. I love the beautifull soft colors of pastel and pencil. I use it to make realistic illustrations for merchandising and greeting cards. I use acrylic paint for the paintings.

The illustrations and cartoons are delivered digital in the size and file the customer wishes. On demand original drawings can be delivered.