Humour can be used well to catch the eye, to pull attention or to break the ice.

Cartoons pull attention and make advertising work better. By using a different cartoon in each advertisement people will follow the cartoon and look forward to the next advertisement. This means also for newsletters and blogs.

With a sharp cartoon about the subject of a presentation you will have the attention of your audience immediately. The use of cartoons enlivens a presentation. The audience will be thankfull.

Cartoons can be used for advertising, presentations, articles, blogs, newsletters, training materials, websites, banners, books, e-books, magazines, newspapers or any other form of printed or digital media.

Mostly I make cartoons as a result of text or advertising messages from the customer. First I mail a sketch so the customer can look at it and give comments. After the customers' approval I make the final cartoon in color or black and white. The customer receives his digital cartoon in his preferred size and file.

The delivery time depends on the number of cartoons I have to make and the quantity of text I have to read for it. One cartoon with little text to read takes a delivery time of a few days until a week. For cartoons for which I have to read a book with 200 until 300 pages, the delivery time is about 4 weeks.

There is also the possibiliy to use existing cartoons. Existing cartoons are often used for merchandising and greeting cards. Existing cartoons can also be used for brighten up a blog or website. These cartoons can be delivered immediately, after agreements are made about how it will be used, the edition, in which countries will it be published and the royalties.

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